Blogspot Blog Post from 1/12/16 Kaitlyn

Yesterday I went 2 the Illinois Department of Human Services trying 2 drop off some paperwork. As I was @ the bottom of the ramp trying 2 walk up the ramp I heard some1 yell down asking if i needed some help. I said I was trying 2 go slow up the ramp so I didn’t fall because of the snow & ice on the sidewalk. She said she knew that that’s why she wanted 2 know if I needed help. I said sure. She quit smoking her cigarette & came 2 help me walk up the ramp.

I found out after that when we went inside her mom & sister were with her. When I saw her mom her mom, her mom noticed a tie on my pant leg that never stays tied wasn’t tied so her mom tied it 4 me. I thanked her for both tying the pants leg tie & 4 Kaitlyn helping me.

I turned in my paperwork by myself & then Kaitlyn asked if I was ready 2 go back down. I said yes. She walked me all the way back down the ramp, being patient with me even though I was slow walking and her coat wasn’t much heavier than mine.

On the way down the ramp she even asked if I had a ride picking me up so I wasn’t just left there.

*****NOTE*****I know her name is Kaitlyn because when we were almost 2 the bottom of the ramp I told her my 1rst name after asking her hers.


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