OBGYN Dr. Appt./High Blood Pressure

2day I went 2 a new Dr. appt. 2 an OBGYN 2 talk 2 him about why I am having such blinding migraines. When his Nurse took my blood pressure she 1rst took it twice then asked if I had high blood pressure. I said yes, usually the bottom # runs in the 80’s-90’s she said it was higher than that but she wasn’t going 2 tell me what it was. She wanted me 2 go in the room & relax & she’d check it again. When she checked it again she told me part of my problem 4 my bad headaches was my high blood pressure which was 204/102. The Dr. was concerned & said if I don’t get it down it it could cause a stroke. I’m going 2 follow up with my primary care physician.


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