Left Knee MRI Results coming later 2day

My Drs office called yesterday @ around noon 2 try & schedule a MRI of my left knee. I told them I had it done already this past Thursday.
My mom texted this morning asking me 2 call 4 results of my MRI, I told her the office just tried scheduling an MRI yesterday & that I told them that I just had 1 this past Thurs but 2 get her 2 quit asking I would ask but they won’t have the results yet.
So at 11:07am I called the Dr. office and found out that the left knee MRI Results will be coming later 2day. On my chart they are listed as under review. All Dr. has 2 do is sign off on them & then I’ll get a phone call sometime 2day.
I’ll post what they call back with & say when they call & tell me what that the results are.


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