A Good Infographic 4 My Blog

I wish I knew where a good infographic 4 my blog was or how 2 create 1.

Anybody out there know how I can add 1 2 my blogs 4 free if I have a picture I want 2 put as my graphic?


2 thoughts on “A Good Infographic 4 My Blog

  1. Hi, Katie! This is Ken from Church…
    You can get free infographics from https://infogr.am/
    or maybe https://venngage.com/. There are others if you look on a search engine. (I haven’t tried any of them… I can only think of making a graph how well my CPAP is working, and um… I don’t think anyone would care)

    I didn’t use my real name, because of all the search engines, and my sponsored kids won’t be able to find me.

    Hope this finds you well!

    Love, Ken


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